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welcome to Hunger Lust...

This Is Hunger Lust...
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The Club For Eating Disorders

This club is strictly for people with Eating Disorders...

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Wipe Your Eyes
No Your Not Seeing Things
Put Down That Rice Cake
You Can Finish It Later
Stop Sipping Your Water
You're Going To Want Wine To Celebrate
And Join Us
At Huger Lust

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Any Questions...?

What is Hunger Lust all about?
- Hunger Lust is a Club (or Community) for people with eating disorders. We talk about out problems. We give support. We talk about celebrities. We swap thinispirations, pictures, icons, etc. And, importantly, we make friends... This is a close-knit community, so everyone can get to know everyone else well to help each other.

Okay, so you've told us what you do in your club, but what about what you don't do in your club?
- Well, We don't tolerate abuse in any way shape or form, so all out V.I.P's can be sure that they will only recieve support and friendly advice here. Also, we check each member out, before they are accepted into Hunger Lust, so that we can ensure that there are no "trolls" lurking around to ruin the experience ofHunger Lust.

Well that sounds great! So.. How exactly do we join Hunger Lust?
- It's simple, Click on "Join this community" and a request will be sent to us, just so we can check you out and make sure you are not a "troll" and within a week you will either be accepted or rejected. You will not be accepted if you have not been on LJ for at least 2 months, and if you have not left at least 8 posts. This is because we need to see who you are, and that you actually have an eating disorder.

Fantastic! Is there anything else you would like to add about Hunger Lust?
- Well, I would like to quickly go over the basic rules...
1.We would appreciate it if "text language" was not used here.
2.Any large amount of pictures, large pictures or large amount of texts should be put under an LJ cut.
3.Could swearing and cursing be kept to a minimum as it may offend some of our V.I.P's.
4.If any picture you are posting contains nudity please put it under an LJ cut and please make it known that under it there is a picture that contains nudity.
5.Your first post must be the application. (scroll down for the aplication)
6.Do not put up a post asking for tips or tricks. If you do you the post will be deleted and so will you be. If you are going to ask a question, be specific... i.e does anyone have any good workouts for your abs?
7.Last but not least, stay active in the community, so we can make sure Hunger Lust is the best community out there...

this must be your first post to this community
if you do not post this you will be deleted from the community
so dont be lazy and post it!

Eating Disorder:
short term GW:
long term GW:
History of your eating disorder
Anything else you want to tell us?:

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