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11/20/06 08:13 am - starved2thebone

Anyone wants a christmas card? I'm about to start going christmas shopping soon and that includes getting christmas cards to send out to friends and family. If anyone wants one, I would be happy to buy more.

Email me with your name and address or comment on this entry?


9/3/06 10:45 pm - i_might_love_u

hmm dont fink ive posted much here before. its time to start i believe get this comunity up and running.

ive been away for a while. at risk of repeating myself see my lj for explination and PICTURES >.<


8/12/06 09:40 am - neverkn0ws_best - new

Username: neverkn0wsbest
Male/Female: F
Age: 19
Eating Disorder: ana/mia
HW:170 (piggy piggy)
short term GW:130
long term GW:110
History of your eating disorder: a friend of mine was diagnosed with anorexia the beginning of my junior year. she actually went through hell with therapy and rehab and she is now trying to recover but i started doing this shortly after she started. i just took a look at myself in the mirror one day and said "no more"

8/8/06 12:51 pm - starved2thebone

oprah says on her show that anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating is actually much the same thing. it all stems down to something deeper in our lives that we spend our lives not wanting to talk about. which is true i guess because sometimes i'm anorexic and sometimes i just eat everything in sight even when i'm not hungry.

anyway, did horribly today. i woke up and i wasn't really hungry but i just had that urge to eat. so i tried reading The hungry years as thinspiration but that didn't work. so i gave in and ate some cookies. i purged that but i realise that i can never actually purge everything. like there will always be some left over that i just can't get out. so i'll just be hacking and coughing away in the bathroom and only small tiny amounts will come out. 
its so agitating! ugh.

7/31/06 11:59 am - dare2bthin

this is just a quick update on my fast while im getting ready
typing and trying to do your hair at the same time doesn't really work...
the fast is going well, please let me know how you all are getting on

im going to the cinema today which means there's going to be temptation....!
but im dirnking loads of water now so i wont feel hungry when i get to the cinema... and ill just have a big diet coke =)
what would i do without diet coke?
got to go



7/28/06 05:16 pm - dare2bthin - any goood books....?

hey there
im looking for a really good book i can do for my SSL (specialist study literature) for my Higher (a higher is an A level in England, and i have no idea what it is in America, whatever you do when your 16)
anyway i need a decent length book, maybe about an eating disorder, that uses lots of techniques, like symbolism, or that you could write alot about a relationship between two characters or something... basically i need a book that i could write a really great essay on and if anybody has any ideas that would be serious cool.

7/28/06 04:13 pm - dare2bthin

i am starting a fast tomorrow
well, it was supposed to start today but no such luck
if anybody wants to join that would be serious cool
right now i have no idea how long it will last - any ideas?

you should join, because it will be fun... well, as fun as fasts can be =/
but i really need the support guys...

peace x

7/27/06 10:06 pm - dare2bthin

hi there
just a wondering
is anybody any good at making half decent layouts? 
As you can probobly see i tried and failed miserably...
so it would be really great if someone could make one for me...   ?


7/25/06 12:05 am - sirius_hope - Introduction

Name: Dani
Age: 19

Height: 5'9"
Current Weight: 130
Lowest: 120
Highest: 140

ED: EDNOS/ Bulimia

Short Term Goal: 125 (constant)
Long Term Goal: 110

I know I joined a few days ago, but my life has been hell since and I haven't gotten a chance to update. I promise to post pictures next time. :)

7/24/06 09:43 pm - soulmeetsb0dy

So I just went on a 2 hour and 11 minute run and burned 1283 calories.

ahh i am exhausted/elated.


7/24/06 01:13 pm - i_might_love_u - hero kids

name: lexi
Age: 17
Height: 166cm is about 5'6
Weight: 54kg is 118 lbs
Highest weight:  63kg
Lowest weight: 50kg
ED: bulimia.. ednos
Short term goal weight: 50
Long term goal weight: 45kg ..100lbs i think

yay new community its only right that it be christened with

7/23/06 06:06 pm - gauntest - I'm new here! *waves*

Username: Gauntest
Age: 16
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130
Highest weight: 148
Lowest weight: 120
Short term goal weight: 120
Long term goal weight: 110-115

7/23/06 04:39 am - dare2bthin

lots of icons!


comment and tell me what ones you took
and/or what icons you liked

credit </a></font></strong></a>dare2bthin
and enjoy!

just to TEASE you...


7/23/06 02:37 am - dare2bthin

Hello And Welcome to Hunger Lust....

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